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Welcome to rvinspector.org!  I am glad you decided to visit our website.  I hope you are looking into starting a small business!


So this is me, along with my wife, Pam.  This was the first work truck that our business bought for us.  Since our business was growing, and we desired to serve our clients more efficiently, we purchased “Chevy Chase.”  But we’ll talk more about that later.

Since that time, and after having the truck for five years, HMRVI Corporation (our company) purchased the second work truck.  This was on advice from the CPA.  The business has been awesome!

Again, my name is Howard, and I am a full time RVer.  I have been living the lifestyle since 2008.

So what is a full time RVer?  That is someone who no longer chooses to live in a traditional dwelling but lives in a recreational vehicle instead.  That can either be a travel trailer or a motorized RV.

This is our current RV home that was purchased in July 2020.  This is a 2021 Tiffin Allegro Open Road.  The first one of this type was purchased in 2018 and looked exactly like it.

In purchasing RVs, Pam and I discovered in the early years that purchasing a used RV is a much better idea than buying a new one, and for so many reasons.  We will not discuss those here.  You can visit one of my other websites to learn why buying a used RV is better!

In 2020 we wanted to have exactly what we wanted in our RV home, so we purchased a new one.  It mostly worked out okay due to the fact we are RV inspectors.  But if we were not, it would have been a disaster!  We caught all the issues before the RV left the dealership.  The ones they could not fix had to be addressed by the manufacturer.

But, what I will say is that buying used is a great way to save money and many headaches as long as the RV is inspected by a certified NRVIA RV inspector before the unit is purchased. 

That is what this website is all about: offering information to assist in building up a national force of certified NRVIA RV inspectors so that when someone wants to buy a used RV, they can have it evaluated before they buy a potential money pit.

This is another of the RV homes that we owned from 2015 to 2018.  This picture was taken on Monarch pass in May of 2017.  A snowstorm had recently come through, so we witnessed the fresh blanket of snow.  We travel the country operating our RV information business from our RV home.

There are RV inspectors who live in a home and work in their local area, and there are also RV inspectors like ourselves.

We started RVing in 2002, and after 35,000 miles in rented RVs, we decided to sell everything we owned: the big house in Colorado and all the stuff and live the nomadic lifestyle.

This was our home located in Summit County, Colorado.  This photo was taken when it was not quite finished.  The house was beautiful, but a money pit for sure! 

With all the snow we got living at 9,300 feet above sea level and having done that for 25 years, we were ready for a change.  Yes, it was beautiful, and we enjoyed our years there, but there were other plans for us.

So we sold it all and bought this used RV and Freightliner Sportchassis truck.

We traveled and work camped in this RV for seven years.  During that time, we experienced many things.  We also learned that if you sell everything and go full time, we needed a small business to gain some tax advantages.

So, starting a small business is a great way to do that! 

In 2011 I started a full time RV living website to talk about the lifestyle and share products that we use and that help us.  For that, companies pay us to refer people to them.  That started creating an income for us while operating the business from the comfort of our RV home.

The other thing we learned was that if you are going to live full time in an RV, you need to know how to fix eighty percent of the things that are easy to access and easy to fix.

So, in 2013 I found a source to help educate me to handle the RV repairs.  Once I had that knowledge from a five-day course I took, I learned that this would be sufficient enough for me to launch an RV information business.

In 2014 I formed my business entity, HMRVI Corporation: Howard’s Mobile RV Information Corporation.

Since then, we have helped many folks avoid buying a money pit or a problematic RV.  Through the process of a systematic evaluation of the major systems in an RV, not unlike a residential home inspection, we are able to identify issues for clients before they become a cost they have to bear.

We also help them to better understand and use their RV.

Before you sign on the dotted line, it is better to know whether your new RV is in working order or needs repairs before hitting the road.  It does not matter whether RVs are new or used!  Some issues arise with both kinds of purchases.

We Need You!

As the National Trainer for the NRVIA, I am looking for more inspectors to join us!  We have a huge market to serve and in many different capacities.  We are unable to get to everyone that needs us at this point!  There are shortages nationwide.  Not to mention the ones that don’t even know about us yet

The NRVIA launched in January 2014.  We are a young organization!  We are basically where the home inspection industry was back in the 1970s.  What does that mean?  Huge opportunity!


I believe that people should be able to buy a recreational vehicle and know that when they hit the road, it will be safe, it will not be a money pit, and it will provide many lasting memories as they travel with their friends and family.

That is why I got into this industry!  As we started work camping in RV parks to help cut the costs of staying there, we witnessed a large number of travelers that would arrive and be so frustrated with the issues they were having on their newly purchased RVs.

They had two problems: the RV was not ready to hit the road, and the new RVers were not ready to be on the road either.  They did not receive the proper education to allow themselves to be successful RVers.

An RV inspector can solve both of these problems.  That is why I now do what I do!  Does this sound like something you would be interested in?


I want to share with you all the information you need to decide if this new industry is something you would enjoy doing.  If I give you all the information you need, you can decide if this is the small business you want to own and operate.

This is not a franchise business!  However, I say that we are the “non-franchise franchise.”  Why?  Because we have the training and systems in place to get you out there running your own RV inspection business without the ongoing royalties of a franchised business model. 

What you charge is what you make, except for your usual business taxation and expenses.  But we can help you structure that to best suit your business needs.

So, enjoy this website, and feel free to contact me for more information should you have more questions beyond what is shared here at rvinspector.org.  We have a national training center and are here to help train you at our National Training Facility.


Howard Jaros

rv inspector

Here is “Chevy Chase,” all equipped with its bed topper and graphics!

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