How Much Can You Make?

I am betting you clicked on this link first!  Am I right?  That’s okay!  You can tell me about it when we talk!

This is an important consideration!  After all, this is a new industry, and you probably wonder why no one else has thought of it!  At least not on the scale that I am talking about.

First, before we get to the numbers, let’s look at where the RV industry is right now.

  • There are over ten million RVs on the road in the United States.  RV-owning households are at the highest levels that they have ever been.
  • RV ownership rates have surged among adults aged 35 to 54 and also the 55 and over age group!
  • In the 35 – 54 demographic, RV ownership has increased by eleven percent in the last ten years.
  • More than 80% of RV owners are online while at home and on the road – they are easy to market to!
  • Population and demographic trends favor long-term RV market growth.

These are not my statistics!  They come from the leaders in the RVing industry.

The RVIA, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, just reported that shipments of new recreational vehicles are the highest it has been in forty-three years!

Here is the best part!

  • 8,900,00 households own an RV!  Now, that number keeps increasing, but that is what we can prove right now.
  • RV owners sell their RV at least every four years.
  • 2,225,000 of these owners sell their RV every year!
  • 675,000 RV sales of both new and used RV’s are made at RV dealerships annually.
  • The remaining 1,550,000 sales are made privately, in other words, between the owner and a buyer who responded to the seller’s advertisement.  Perhaps on eBay or Craigslist. (statistics provided by the RVDA)

You can see from these statistics that we need thousands of RV-certified RV Inspectors to cover the demand.  Based on the numbers that are listed above, we need over eight thousand inspectors to handle the demand . . . . when every RV buyer wants a certified RV inspection!

What does an RV inspection cost?

Depending on the level of inspection service that a client desires, costs can start at $295 and get close to $1,000 for a full out inspection, which will take eight or more hours to complete and include fluids analysis of all motorized components.

But Howard, “How Much Can I Make?”

Let’s say the average inspection is $600, and let’s say you want to do this on a full-time basis: 5 days a week and 50 weeks out of the year.  If you do the math, that is a $ 150,000-a-year income.  Not a bad low-investment small business!

Now, will you have an inspection every day starting out?  That’s up to you and your marketing abilities.  Again, this is a new industry, and RV owners are just discovering that we exist and how much money we can save them at the point of sale!  

But, we can’t educate the RV buying public to the degree that we want to until we have the workforce to meet the demand.  Companies are lining up to partner with us and take advantage of what we can offer to their clients!

Are you ready to learn more?  I know there are so many questions rolling around in your mind!  Write them down.  Take some time and think about this idea and how it could affect your life.  Get all those thoughts on paper and reach out to me Here.

I look forward to hearing from you!  I hope you will join our mission to create worry-free travels for millions of RV owners across this great country of ours!


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