Learning RV Repair Maintenance – Do It Yourself RV Repair Course

Learning RV Repair Maintenance – Do It Yourself RV Repair Review

Name: RV Repair Home Study Course
Website: https://yourfulltimervliving.c…
Price: $397
Owners: RVMA and WKN
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

Do It Yourself RV Repair

Do It Yourself RV Repair Product Overview

Would it not be a great thing to be able to learn how to do RV repair in the comfort of your home, and at your own pace?  There are some complicated systems in an RV!  If you want to be able to understand them it is going to take some training that will help you relate to and understand these systems.

This material is taught by a Master Certified Technician with the RVDA and the RVIA.  He has been in the industry for twenty-five years and passing along his RV repair knowledge for the majority of that time.  His goal is to provide RV repair maintenance and do it yourself RV repair skills to the novice as well as to the certified technician.

This Texas college professor has been teaching in-depth courses on RV’s for many years.  His teaching style will help you to grasp and understand the inner workings of RVs and boost your confidence in dealing with seemly difficult problems that will actually turn out to be simple once you have this understanding.

The Apple and PC friendly USB memory stick will contain hours of in-depth course study on the five major systems of an RV along with the course handouts for taking notes for future reference.

My Personal Experience!

When I was interested in learning RV repair maintenance so I could master do it yourself RV repair, I used my trusted source of WKN to assist me in finding the information I was looking for.  I had not heard of the instructor.  But at that point having been out on the road full time RVing for five years, I knew I needed to advance my knowledge of my RV’s systems so I could understand them and be able to diagnose problems when they arise.

As a full time RVer since 2008, I can tell you that RV, for me, does not stand for recreational vehicle.  It should be called an RVR, meaning Repair Vehicle Regularly.  After all, an RV rolling down the road is essentially a rolling earthquake!  During travel, things rattle loose and break.  This can happen to the electrical system or the plumbing system too.

So, when these things do occur, knowing RV repair maintenance techniques makes life while RVing so much easier!

Since taking this course back in 2014, I have not had to seek the services of an RV repair center.  I am able to fix things on my own.  Here is one weird issue that occurred to me and that would send most people to the repair facility, but I was able to take the knowledge I have and fix it myself!

I was sitting at my dinette, which is in the streetside front slideout, working on my laptop.  Suddenly I was moving inward.  The Schwintek slide mechanism decided to engage and retract the slideout.  I was very concerned because first of all, I was sitting on the slideout (extra weight to move) and things were in the way of it fully retracting.  I hoped off from the dinette and moved things out of the way.

The interesting thing about this is that the operation of the slideout requires a two-phase operation.  The keyed switch has to be in the “on” position, which it was not, and a button has to be pushed to activate the slideout to extend or retract.  I was sitting a the dinette and no one was pushing the button.

So, how could this happen?  Well, my training tells me to start with the obvious.  So, I extended the slideout back out again by turning the keyed switch to on and pushing the slideout button to extend the slideout.  Once I reached the fully open position and waiting 5 seconds as you should with Schwintek slide systems, I released the button and the slideout came right back in again.

Okay, what next?  Taking what I learned in the tech course I know that this type of slideout system has a motor controller that communicates with the in-wall motors.  If it has no power, it can’t actuate the slideout.  So, I switched off the main 12-volt coach power, pushed the button for the slideout hoping to drain any residual voltage in the system and reset the controller, which was apparently confused.

I let the system sit that way for a few minutes and I then turned the 12-volt power back on.  As a side note, I knew that it was the 12-volt house batteries that provide the slideout motor’s power, not the 12-volt chassis batteries.  Once I turned the power back on, I extended the slideout again.  This time it stayed out and the situation has not happened again since that time.

An easy fix, right?  Knowledge is power, and in the case of RV ownership, it can save you lots of money!

The Good & the Bad of this Course

The Good:  Eighty percent of the things that can go wrong in an RV is easy to access and easy to fix!  But, you need someone to show you how to do this.  This Do It Yourself RV Repair home study course is perfect for the busy individual who wants to learn about their RV for themselves and their repair needs, to help others, or perhaps to start an RV repair or RV inspection business.

PRO #1:  You will learn how your RV functions and operates.
PRO #2:  Be able to maintain and repair eighty percent of the problems your RV will have.
PRO #3:
  Gain the confidence and knowledge to be the master of your RV instead of the other way around!

The Bad: There is a lot of material and it can be overwhelming at first.  We advise that you take the material in the order that it is presented and don’t progress to the next module until the current material is mastered.  This will overcome any chance of feeling overwhelmed.

Who is RV Repair Maintenance For?

This Do It Yourself RV Repair maintenance course is designed for anyone who wants to be the true master of an RV, whether it’s their own or someone else’s.  Anyone who has been to an RV repair facility knows that getting an appointment in a timely manner is difficult.  And then there is the expensive repair bill which is usually more than anticipated once the repair is complete.

The bad thing is that these issues usually arise when we count on our RV’s the most: during a vacation or getaway.  And these issues never happen when in a convenient location.  It can be on the side of the road, in the middle of traffic, or worse!

For the person who likes to take charge and get things back up and running, this RV repair maintenance course will help you understand how RV systems work, where to look for problems so you can save money by doing the repairs yourself, and be back up and be running in a small fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken if relying on someone else.

Do It Yourself RV Repair Course Tools & Training

  • The course videos included on the USB memory stick were recorded during live training sessions.   Each session is broken down into segments that can be watched in fifteen to twenty minutes which makes for easy viewing.
  • Included are additional videos that add to the support of the live class recordings
  • Included with the USB memory stick are printed workbooks that follow each session.  There are also handouts that supplement the RV repair maintenance training.
  • In order to build upon the ideas that are presented in the live recordings, there are field training exercises that are suggested to be done so you can have the hands-on experience that will be needed to grasp the presented material.

RV Repair Maintenance Course Training Overview

Do It Yourself RV Repair

Do It Yourself RV Repair Course Support

Along with the course materials you will be given ways to contact should you have any questions or issues arising from the use of the USB memory stick.

Do It Yourself RV Repair Course Price

BONUS #1:  You will receive a bonus training credit in the amount of $300.  This can be applied towards future training at the National RV Training Academy for any course of five days or more.

BONUS #2:  If you desire to take this information that you learned and start a small business, you will get receive additional information on how to visit additional resources that will help you.  You get a free one-year membership to the best RV source in the industry valued at $39.95!

BONUS #3:  A $200 credit towards a National Association designed to educate and certify individuals who want to do home inspections on RV’s.

Order the Do It Yourself RV Repair Course for $397!  Included are all the videos, the workbooks, the hands-on exercises, the bonus items, and shipped to your door by Priority Mail within the continental US.  Options for shipping outside the United States are available!

My Final Opinion of the Do It Yourself RV Repair Course

This is truly the best way for people who want to learn about their RV’s to get the knowledge they need!  This product is endorsed by the NRVIA and the NRVTA as part of their national education training program.  

Do It Yourself RV Repair Course at a Glance…

Name:  Do It Yourself RV Repair

Website: https://yourfulltimervliving.c…
Owners: RVMA and WKN
Price: $397
Overall Scam Rank: 00 out of 100

VERDICT: 100% Legit!!

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