What is This RV Inspection Blog About?

Welcome to rvinspector.org’s RV inspection blog!

First off, what is an RV inspection?  It is a detailed and systematic evaluation of an RV’s exterior, interior, and major systems to determine at the time of the inspection what the is current condition of the recreational vehicle.  A detailed list of the Standards of Practice for a certified RV inspection is available at the NRVIA’s website.  Each RV inspector is bound by a code of ethics which can also be viewed at that website just referred to.

So, what I will be sharing here is my experiences, as well as that of others, when inspections have been performed on new and used RV’s.  Why do that here?  So that those looking at the RV inspection industry, and those who perhaps stumbled across this page looking for an RV inspector can get a sense of the need for this valuable service.

As this is a new addition to this website, please check back often to read the new stories that are posted.  You can also visit these links:



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