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Having been a trainer for the NRVIA since 2014, I can say that the biggest holdup for RV inspectors in starting a small business, and moving forward, is getting themselves set up to be able to reach the people that are looking for their services!  They go through the technical training, learn software to create reports, get exposed to the process of running their new business, but then they stumble with their marketing voice and presence in the industry.

I would like to change that here and now by reversing the process!

When inspectors start their online training I want them to also begin with setting up their RV inspection company and their online presence.  This aspect takes time and the sooner the process is started the sooner that business will achieve Google rankings.  Once that has happened, then the technical training, once completed, can lead to the RV inspector immediately going out ready to help clients with the RV buying process and thereby start creating income!

rv inspections

From inspecting smaller RV’s,

rv inspections

To the Larger Ones!

Starting a Small Business – You Must Have a Business Plan!

At this early phase of our developing relationship, I need you to trust me when I say that the business plan is essential to the startup of any small business!  Please do not miss this step!  I have resources to help you develop a business plan that will spin off documents that will last the lifetime of your new business.

The other benefit of a good business plan is that it will help you to determine if the business is actually worth doing?  Your research and thoughts in creating this document will help you to either move forward or walk away.

What would a good business plan include:

  • Cover, Title Page, and a Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary’
  • Market Analysis
  • Organization and Management
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Service or Product Mix
  • Financials
  • Appendix

We will go further into this discussion elsewhere on this website.  For now, let us focus on assuming you have done your business plan, decided that your business model is good, and you are ready to start your RV inspection business.

Starting a Small Business – You Need a Business Entity

In the past, I have run businesses as a sole proprietorship.  What does that mean?  Well for tax purposes it means you use your social security number when having to deal with the income of your company.  My first company was called HOW Enterprises.  So my entity was Howard Jaros dba HOW Enterprises.  The dba means “doing business as.”

There are also Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and S-Corporations.  These would be the three recommended entities for an RV inspection business.  One can start as a sole proprietorship and move to one of the other two later.  The advantage to doing this lies in the asset protection, more advanced tax planning, and for marketing purposes.

When setting up my RV inspection business, and having had an S-Corporation in the past, I decided on that route for the advanced tax benefits of such a company.  That has worked out well for us, but starting out this may not be necessary for you. 

An RV inspector can start out as a sole proprietorship and then move to an LLC or an S-Corporation once the RV inspection business passes an income threshold.

I will discuss this topic more elsewhere on this website.

Starting a Small Business – Building a Website

Okay, here’s the big deal when it comes to operating a business!

Once you have your business plan done and your business entity created, while getting a business license and a business bank account, the website should now be created.  This is a difficult thing for most people to do!  Actually, truth be known, anyone can create a website in five minutes using the myriad of online sources touting the best website development software out there.

That is great!  But, do those services get the website ranked so when someone searches in Google for “RV inspections,” they find you?  Or more importantly when they search in your area?

Can you pay someone to create your website?  Sure!  But what about when you want to write articles about your business to keep the website growing?  Are you going to rely on someone else to accomplish posting those for you and pay them for that ongoing service?  Who will monitor the success of your website?  How will you know what they are doing is working?  It will become difficult to really grow your online presence if you leave that responsibility to someone else!

How Did I Build My First Website?

When I came across the RV inspection business model, I already had an online presence through my full time RV living website.  As I mention in our “About Howard” post on this website, once we sold everything and adopted the full time RV living lifestyle, I knew I needed a hedge against the tax man and a small business was the way to do that.

So I created my full time RV living website designed to talk about the lifestyle and educate others about it.

But, how did I know how to create a website?  I did not.  So I went looking for an online training platform that would teach me, over a period of time, how to do that.  I was looking at terms like “online website university” to help me find something that would educate me so I could be my own webmaster.  As you can guess, there are many out there claiming their system will work so that your business will make millions.  Yea, right!

But then I found a member of a community of like-minded folks who create websites and make money online through established relationships with other companies to create an online income.  That is called affiliate marketing.

So, I signed up for a free account to try it out.  There were free lessons to get me started in helping me to choose my websites URL, how to write pages and posts to my website that would rank in Google, how to set up and manage my website, how to continue to grow it, and ongoing support from others in the community.

Once I had my website started it began to get page one rankings in Google.  That occurred because of the training I received.  It was all done online through video training and reading modules: a step-by-step process to achieve Google rankings.  Without a ranking website, you won’t see any traffic to your website other than if you personally give the URL to someone, or perhaps through a social media post.

After starting my RV inspection business back in 2014, I added that business model to my existing website by purchasing a URL and forwarding it to a post on it.  That worked well for me because I already had a ranking website and I used the power of it to channel RV inspection traffic through that means.

Would you do it that way?  No, it’s just how it worked for me because the RV inspection industry was new and I did not want to create another website at that point.

What you will do is to research a business name using keyword tools for your business, create a URL, purchase it through the Wealthy Affiliate hosting source, and begin to learn how to build out your website while you are learning about the other aspects of your new RV inspection business.

The best part is you can start for free!  You don’t even need to buy a website domain name starting off.  You can use the Wealthy Affiliate system’s free Site Rubix domain to learn with.

Starting a Small Business – Personal Website Building Mentoring

I know you may be thinking, “I can’t build a website!”  That is just False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR).  It is not hard once someone takes you and walks you through the process.

And that is exactly what I am recommending to you here!  The Wealthy Affiliate system will coach you through the entire process of choosing your website name based on your chosen niche, show you how to choose a template that will represent your new business professionally, learn how to make it mobile friendly, offer lots of free website plugins to make your website engaging, and most importantly, how to get it to rank in the search engines of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You have a mentor with you 24 hours a day!  Anytime you have a question or issue, there are resources to help you get your answer as well as technical support should your website require that.

Step by Step Training Courses

This is my favorite part of Wealthy Affiliate!

There are five certification courses that help you to develop a ranking website!  Each of the five modules has ten lessons.  That is fifty lessons to take you through a myriad of topics to educate you so that you will be able to grow your website, and possibly others, for a lifetime.  I went through these back in 2014!

Once you complete these courses, there are more advanced training options if you wish to engage them.  But, what I am showing you above will get you going so that when people are searching for your website that is offering RV inspection services, they can find you!


Get the Most Advanced and Comprehensive Training in the Industry, Click Here!

Once there you will receive additional bonuses from me as well as access so you can get off to a great start!  Keep reading for the offer at the end of this post!


So, having been involved with this company for three and a half years, how do I feel about their services?  After having researched many, I feel I found the best source for you to use to start your business!  Let’s face it, we are not in the age of going out and pounding the pavement as much anymore.  

Everyone is online, 3.5 billion of us, and we start our investigations through internet research.  We are also a society that has gotten used to buying online.  It does not matter what the business is, an RV inspection service, automotive services, real estate, grocery shopping, Walmart, you name it!

Can you make money online with your RV inspection business and the other services you are going to offer by establishing affiliate relationships?  Yes, absolutely!  I have been doing that for years.

You found me because of the Wealthy Affiliate system.  Could I have done this otherwise?  I don’t think so!  So, am I a big fan of this program?  I think you figured that one out.

Is Wealthy Affiliate’s training the best online university for anyone looking to have a successful online business?  Yes!

Is Wealthy Affiliate the best way for an NRVIA inspector to grow their website and social online presence?  Yes, that is why I have chosen this source as the best website provider for NRVIA inspectors to easily grow their online presence.

Is this really the best way for anyone looking to create an online presence and income?  This is how I rank the Wealthy Affiliate system:

Wealthy Affiliate – Summary and Rank

  • Website Hosting Company: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website URL:
  • Website Builder Platform:  97% (not 100% because too many choices – LOL)
  • Training: 100% (I always have easy to find answers to my questions, if I need one)
  • Support: 100% (tech support responds the same day)
  • WordPress Hosting: Awesomeness
  • Research Tools: The best keyword and site rank tool in the industry
  • Success Stories: 100% (there are so many of them)
  • Membership Cost: Starter membership is FREE! (see cost chart below) $49/mo or $359/year (my choice)
  • Overall Rating: 99.9% the best out there (not 100% because there might be but I have not found it yet)

How do Other WordPress Hosting Services Compare?

Check it Out For FREE and Grab Your BONUS!

When you join with your free starter account, after the first seven days of investigating all that is offered: the training, the support, a welcoming community of fellow entrepreneurs, video lessons, and live training, I will offer you additional tools that will help you to launch your online business.

You will also have access to me inside the WA system!

Again, I have been associated with Wealthy Affiliate since June of 2014.  I would never have had the online success that I have had otherwise.  I am just not that internet savvy!  I knew nothing about these things prior to that time.

Can you do the same?  Yes!

 Get the Most Advanced and Comprehensive Training in the Industry, Click Here! 


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