What are the Steps Starting a Small Business?

What steps starting a small business should come first?  What will it take to get started as an RV Inspector?

Your first step is to begin your pre-training!  You need to know all that is required to understand the intricate systems of an RV.  While that is occurring you can take care of the other items required to be in business for yourself.

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Training is going to be the key ingredient in order to be successful.  Now, you are probably asking how I can get properly trained in order to be able to handle the in-depth examinations that an RV Inspector will be asked to do.

The cool thing is this can all be done online and at your convenience.  All the required training classes and testing sessions are handled by logging into a proprietary website that will guide you through the elements of an inspection.

Once all the training modules have been completed and the two final testing elements are completed, you can receive industry certifications.  Again, that is the first step.

You will need to set up a corporation for your new business.  An LLC or S Corporation will work best for this type of business and yield the best tax advantages for you.  This process can cost up to $1,200 in order to properly set up your new business entity.  Don’t cut corners here, and don’t use Legal Zoom.  You need to hire a professional who will coach you based on your individual needs.

This new RV Inspection business will also need a liability insurance policy to cover yourself as you operate your new business.  A million-dollar policy, through a group plan, can run less than $800 per year.

There will be some tools that are required to examine an RV properly.  Depending on what tools you already have and how that compares to what you will need, you may have to spend $500 to $750 to be properly outfitted.  Some consumables are used to test mechanical features, but they are already included in the mentioned amount.

The next steps in starting a small business involve being sure you have the tools to run your business:  a good laptop, a business cell phone line, business cards, marketing materials, professional-looking clothing appropriate for the job (logo wear is best), and software to produce professional reports.

Once you have gone through these steps, you will have spent between five and ten thousand dollars to get your RV Inspection business up and running.  Each individual’s needs will differ in setting up their business.  

We want to be conservative with our estimates.  An RV inspector recently told me they could get their RV inspection business up and running for $5,646, total investment: travel, tools, business set-up, insurance, training, etc.

Are there assistance and ideas on where to access information to get insurance, who is best to help with your corporation setup, who can help you with marketing, and who can assist you with software that will produce professional inspection reports?  Yes!

Please contact me HERE so I can answer all the questions I know you have!

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