What Does an RV Inspector Do?

A certified RV Inspector’s job is to get an RV, no matter how new or old, to tell them its condition at that point in time.  This is accomplished with the training and tools to complete this task.

The certified RV Inspector is examining forty-two inspection points in this examination, or specific focus areas, if you will.  The list of each of these points of inspection is extensive.  In each premier inspection, an RV Inspector will check more than five hundred items to accomplish a thorough RV examination.

The certified RV Inspector makes a visual inspection of these areas for the components and systems that are accessible to determine if they are in good working order at the time of the inspection.

The idea behind an RV Inspection is to identify areas where visible and operational issues, as determined by the well-trained RV Inspector,  will affect the safe operation and enjoyment of the owner of the recreational vehicle.

These RV Inspections are visual in nature and rely upon the experience of the RV Inspector.  They will not be of a technical nature requiring the RV Inspector to address how to fix the problem.  The goal of the RV Inspection is to address issues that will affect the safe operation of the RV.

The completed RV inspection report is then given to the client to determine if the RV is the one they want to buy.  Any deficiencies found in the certified RV Inspection will be flagged for the client.  It is up to the client to either have those issues corrected by a qualified RV technician or to walk away from the purchase if the price cannot be negotiated.

Either way, the client will eventually purchase a recreational vehicle that will give them worry-free travel, and they will have saved themselves from purchasing a money pit.

That’s the great job an RV Inspector has!  To be able to provide a valuable service to someone who is making one of the largest purchases of their life, other than buying a home that is not on wheels, of course!

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