What is the Current RV Market?

It has really heated up in the RV market in the last year! New units leaving manufacturers facilities hit a forty-two year high in 2017.  Shipments of new RV’s were up seventeen percent over the previous year.  That tells us that the demand for new units has increased dramatically.

rv inspections

rv inspections

rv inspections

But what is even more interesting is that in the RV sales market as a whole, over sixty percent of the RV’s on the road are sold privately between buyer and seller.  Who is certifying that these RV’s are fit for the road?  These need to be inspected just like in a home inspection!

rv inspector

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United States, whether it is in a tent at a campground, a recreational vehicle or even just the backyard.  The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association reports that 2017’s sales were the highest since data has been collected.

According to the RVIA, a record 9 million households own an RV in 2017, a 64% gain since 1980.  In the past, baby boomers have been the demographic associated with the bulk of active RVers due to their disposable income and the higher price of the larger RV’s that are manufactured.  And with 10,000 of them a day turning 65, that is probably not likely to change.

But, there is a newer demographic entering the market!  These are called the millennials.  They are embracing the RV lifestyle and are becoming the larger market of RV owners.  These 35 to 54-year-olds may not travel as much as their older counterparts, but they enjoy having the feeling of a rolling second home that they can use short distances from home.

It is true that if someone buys an RV, and has a good experience, then they will buy an average of seven over a lifetime.  So, catching them when they are younger is certainly a focus of the RV industry!  To do this they have to bring newer technologies into play that in the past may not have been as important to the baby boomers.

The RV’s that are rolling off the assembly lines have all the creature comforts of home along with all the high tech toys to keep the millennials happy while they are traveling away from their home base.  To give an example, today’s RVer has valued WIFI right up there with toilet paper!  So, the RV industry needs to keep up with the demands of its buyers! 

Basically, we here in North America have a love affair with the great outdoors, and when we go we like to travel in style.   Yes, you can drive a Mercedes three-liter diesel “home on wheels” and claim that your Mercedes is better than your neighbors because it has a toilet in it, WIFI, an inverter, a generator, and a kitchen with all the devices to keep the cook happy!

rv inspector

The RV industry is solid!  It’s growing!  As thousands of baby boomers retire each day, they are flocking to the RV lifestyle! If you don’t agree come to Florida, Texas, Arizona, or any of the southern states in the winter and you will see the evidence of massive amounts of people traveling in RV’s!

Visit any RV show and evaluate the demographics of the show attendees.  The demographics are broad as it appears all age groups that can drive dream of hitting the road in a home on wheels.

But, who will be sure that they are safe?  The dealerships?  They don’t always have the time or the manpower to do a good job.  What about the millions of RV’s that are sold privately?  Don’t those buyers also need help evaluating the RV being sold by an unknowing owner?

Just like a home that is sold and requires a home inspection, why should the RV industry be any different?  At some point this may become a standard too!

What does that possibly mean for you?  An opportunity to create safe and worry-free travels for these folks who want to enjoy RVing, as well a solid business model for those that love this lifestyle!  I hope you will research this more and join us in this cause!

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